Mumbai Escorts Specialize in Merging Sensuality and Sexuality

A vast majority of the Mumbai escorts know well how to make a direct correlation between sensuality and sexuality in order to arouse a different kind of mirth and pleasure in the bodies and minds of their men. Their outstanding sensual and creative lovemaking power lead to excellent sexual experiences. They believe that engaging in sexual activities does not ensure complete gratification of sensual self. Sexuality can only gratify the lust which is nothing but a desire to jump over a sex partner. It simply motivates one to rip off the clothes of a partner and get busy with him or her. This cannot ensure optimum pleasure.

Before getting into the main topic let me tell you a brief about both sensuality and sexuality according to the concept of Mumbai escorts.


According to the independent escorts in Mumbai, sexuality is the capacity of having sexual feelings and performing the same. These are physical resulting a feeling of good. To be more precise, it means engaging in sexual activities for gratifying lust and sexual hunger.


Sensuality is slower but highly effective and long-lasting. It gratifies one’s all of the senses. It means a slow sway of a person’s hips. It can refer hands running slowly on the sex organs and exciting body parts. As the consequence of it, the flow of energy moving throughout one’s body gets increased. The person can feel that his or her body is getting excited to have some different kinds of amours mirth.Your all organs can take part in this game. You have visionary, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile mirth and pleasure.

Leaving out sensuality, if one only focuses on sexual activities- he or she will fail to achieve the potentiality of extraordinary sensations, high-level satisfaction and mind-blowing orgasms. After reaching his or her climax, one can understand the importance of the perfect blending of sensuality and sexuality. Mumbai escorts specialize in this extraordinary quality which is commonly uncommon with the others. Lying on their tolerant enchanted slopes, you will have the taste of a heavenly pleasure and blissful sensuousness.

Besides, Mumbai escorts are smart and advance in using modern communication system. As the consequence of it, you can communicate them secretly.Many of them have their websites developed and installed online chatting option to communicate their clients. It also helps them maintain privacy for their clients. Moreover, they have created many communication channels on various social media platforms and other communication media which can give you a bit taste and pleasure of the same virtually.

Now Mumbai escort has been a name and symbol of getting pleasure with you all five senses. Many people who come to this city for any occasion they make try to explore the USP of Mumbai escort. A vast majority of them admitted that it is something unusual, excellent and outstanding. Therefore, come and experience it. Don’t let this opportunity slip from your hand, unless you want to mourn for the same.