One Memorable Night Spending with Most Beautiful Mumbai Escort

It was a Saturday evening. I sat inside a tea stall, leaning against a pillar. I am a traveler here in Mumbai, hired a hotel room at Taj international for spending a few days as the part of my business trip. While sipping tea, a white colored car suddenly stopped in front of me. An amazing-looking vivacious girl opened the door and got down from it. Looking a bit around her, she stepped into the hotel. I was speechless. Oh! what a gorgeous look. My curious mind forced me to ask the tea-maker about the beautiful girl. He replied that she is Simran Oberoi, one of the most desired independent model escorts in Mumbai.  Her voluptuous look, curvy figure and swelling boobs made me so mad that I could not help searching about her on the internet in order to get a chance of speeding quality times with her.

Simran Oberoi- an Independent Mumbai Escort

As soon as I put the search term “Mumbai escort” on the Google search box, I stumble on this website Therefore, I did not need to face many hazards to get her contact details. Just clicking on “contact me” (at menu section), I received her mobile no 09764905485 and email id  I called her and one sweet voice replied hello. It was a mesmerizing voice as beautiful and sweet as her. Introducing me in brief, I asked her for a date. After taking some time, she told me tomorrow 9 pm. I got so excited that could not sleep that night.  Next day, around 8.50 pm, somebody rang the calling bell. Opening the door, I could not believe my eyes. Yes, it was she- Simran Oberoi, the most beautiful and highly desired independent model escort in Mumbai. Dressed in a transparent superfluous silk, she stalked into my chamber.

Unforgettable Night Spending with Simran Oberoi

Oh!It was the most exciting and unforgettable moment in my life. She suddenly loosened her silk garments. The ivory white arms come out. After that, she caught me wildly and embraced me tightly against in her wild array and started kissing me softly and then violently. Pressing and rubbing with her repining breasts, she made me excited and hot. Hot breathing began to come out from our noses and mouths. Immediately she started panting out of sensation and excitement. She put her hand into my underwear and started shaking it to and fro until I lost my control and jumped on her to get into her deep romantic chasm. She accompanied and reciprocated the same with a doubly recharged force. It was an outstanding experience. With her unparalleled quality of blending sexuality and sensuality and power of seduction, she took me into a different world to suck love and pleasure with my all five senses. I consume pleasure and love to the lease. It was a rocking bed sleepless night made with dream and dramas. I will never ever forget this. This is a lifetime experience for me.